Monday, 1 October 2012

Insane Toasties.

 Recipe 2 of the meal planner.

Yes, Aussies do like to put either 'ies' or 'zza' or 'ster' at the end of words.

So here is a Toastie recipe for Vonnsta and Jezza from The Tarnster.

Again this is low carb and gluten free. It could be made vegan by omitting everything in it alltogether and replacing with other stuff like mushrooms and tofu cheese or toffuti cream cheese and semi dried tomatoes.

Mine is a classic ham and cheese toastie using free range ham.

Make it Veggo and use Mighty Mite, or Promite, or Vegemite. Just put whatever you put on your normal fucking sandwich yeah. I like Mighty Mite because it is gluten free and made and owned in Aus.

The thing I am finding with going low carb, is I am so friggin full after each meal, and I don't really get peckish later on. My kid is snacking less too, although she does have more carbs than me in the way of more fruit and a bit of gf bread and a bit of milk.

Served with a stick of celery coated with yummy natural peanut butter. I was so full after eating this. I made the photo look like it came out of the Women's Weekly cook book from the 70's. Crazy.


Place a tortilla on your sandwich maker or under the griller
Stack all your ingredients on the tortilla  (I used a gluten free one. They are really expensive so a special treat for me. But if your not gf they are pretty cheap.)
Close the sandwich maker to just hovering above the ingredients
Close the griller but leave the door open or the house will catch on fire
Cook until crispy and melty and yum.


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