Monday, 8 October 2012

Fast food nation.

So,  I was starving after a hard morning shopping at Savers and I just wanted some fast food.
I grabbed a tin of lentils which I drained a bit of the liquid from. Chucked it in a fry pan with a stick of chopped celery a heaped teaspoon of veg stock powder and a few semi dried tomatoes. The toms didn't really suit.

Simmered the lot till nearly all the liquid was gone. Served in a bowl with some Danish fetta.
5 mins tops! Enough for lunch for one or a snack for two. Serve with toffuti and lemon juice for vegany goodness.

So damn easy, super nutritious and tasty!


  1. LOL I have been hangry today (hungry/angry/hormonal) so I made more of those cookie dough bites. Somehow I think your fast food might be a little better for me than mine.

  2. Hahaha! I am always Hangry! Cookie dough sounds good. I am trying to invent vegan, grain free, gf, sugar free donuts that will be awesome healthy. Wish me luck!


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