Thursday, 11 October 2012

"Gillard spoke up for my vagina" T-Shirts & Hoodies & Stickers by MsThunderballs | Redbubble

 So here it is, the t-shirt that says it all.

An important side note, I am not a party promoter or even follower. I do not support a lot of what the Labor party in Aus stands for. I am an anarchist and I vote below the line. But Ms Gillard has changed the course of history with this one. Just sayin'. Oh and all profits (which aren't much really as redbubble gets most of it for making the tee) go to supporting two hard working ball busting artists! Snaps to my good friend and collaborator Hamish. We did good on this one, more to come I am sure.

And please feel free to give suggestions on the design and concept, positive and negative. This is a job that we slammed together in 2 days so it can always be improved upon!

If the tee is too expensive at $35 you can get a sticker for 5 easy bucks.

"Gillard spoke up for my vagina" T-Shirts & Hoodies by MsThunderballs | Redbubble:

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